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mahin, 2009


Mahin Shoja-Dupuis

  • Mahin is a female painter born in Lorstan,Iran.
    She has been living & painting in Paris, France, since 1985.
    Nice(1987),Normandy(1994-95), City Halls of the 8th & 17th districts of Paris (1997), "George V" Gallery, Paris(1998),
    "Daphné" Gallery, Paris(1999), Lille (2000),
    Le Touquet (2000), Saint-Tropez (2000), Mulhouse (2000), "Espace Chatelet Victoria", Paris (2000),
    “Symbol Gallery”, Le Marais, Paris (2004)
    "At home" , Blvd St Michel, Paris 5 (2006

    "Mona Bismarck Foundation", Ave de new York, Paris 16 (2009)
    "Green Gallery", Tehran-Iran (1976), Museum of modern Arts, Tehran-Iran (1977)
    "Behzad" Gallery, Isfahan-Iran(1976), Hammamet-Tunisia(1997), Tunis-Tunisia(1999)
    Geneva, Galerie du Mandarin Oriental : "Artists for Peace" (August 2/30, 2002), "La Route d'Elissa" Hammamet,Tunisia(2004), "Acropolium de Carthage", Tunisia (2005)
    "Mossain Gallery", Khoramabad-Iran(1975), Lorstan Plastic Arts Center, Iran(1975), Bern & Basel- Switzerland(1985),
    Stuttgart-Germany(1986)," Tahar Hadad" Gallery,Tunis-Tunisia(1997),Brussels (2000), "Maison des Arts", Tunis-Tunisia(2001), "Medina" Gallery, Tunis(2001)
    Geneva, Musée de la Société des Nations, Palais des Nations (September 11/27, 2001)
    Geneva, Palais des Nations (September 16/27, 2002)
    Galerie Doktorhaus, Oberdiessbach (Bern), Switzerland under the auspices of "Global harmony foundation" (November 2/26, 2002)
    “Palais Khereïddine”, Tunis, Tunisia (2005)

This is a virtual art gallery where all pictures are reproductions of paintings or photographs which were previously shown in public or private exhibitions by French-Iranian painter Mahin . A number of the pieces are still available for sale. Get more information about the artist and/or her work by e-mailing Mahin.

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